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TSA Research
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Medical and Scientific Programs Research Progress 2012-2013

Bayside, New York – January 2013

The Tourette Syndrome Association's Scientific Advisory Board, guided by the fine counsel of world-class investigators and clinicians, oversees a comprehensive program of cutting-edge research that contines to show success in uncovering the mysteries of TS while bringing new treatments to people in need.

Citing the only two decades-old drugs approved for TS use by the Food and Drug Administration, TSA is trying something new, "Venture Philanthropy".  This involves identifying, partially funding, and entering into partnerships with pharmaceutical companies that are interested in developing TS medications.  To date, one pilot study with an existing drug that is being re-purposed for TS use has been completed with some very promising results.

New drug develpment requires human clinical trials that are very expensive, extremely time consuming and have a high failure rate.

Judit Ungar, TSA's President, asks for your support of TSA's goal to bringing to market new and effective FDA approved drugs for the Treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

Please click here to donate to TSA Research.  Thank you for your kindness and commitment.

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