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Outbreak of a Movement Disorder
Among Teens in New York

The TSA recognizes the importance for the public to better understand the recently reported outbreak of a movement disorder among teens in a NY school.
Our hearts go out to the teens and their families. We at the TSA understand all too well how upseting it is for children and families when abnormal movements present without obvious cause.  The TSA stands ready to help in any way we can and is prepared to help with referrals to one of many movement disorder experts from within our large network of providers network. In addition to providing support for the teens and families, we would like to take this opportunity to educate the public about tics and their treatment.  We encourage all those who are interested to view the comprehensive educational resource for children, families and clinicians about Tourette syndrome and the tic disorders on the TSA’s  website (

It is important to note that Tourette syndrome is a childhood-onset condition (average age of diagnosis is 7 years) which is characterized by motor and vocal tics.  The prevlance among children and teens is slightly less than 1%, occurs sporadically in communities and is not contagious in any way.  For the vast majority of children and adolescents, Tourette syndrome is a disorder that is not easy to live with. Critical to the best long-term outcome is early identification of symptoms, knowledge about the disorder and care by an experienced professional focusing on limiting disability and enhancing function.  With good medical and psychological care, children and adolescents with Tourette syndrome can lead healthy and productive lives.

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