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"Targeting the Brain to Find a Cure"
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Citing the great progress on many fronts in TS Research, the Tourette Association is asking its constituents and family members to consider organ donation.  Working together with the Harvard Brain Tissue Resources Center, we hope to advance research and to improve the lives of children and adults with TS everywhere.  In the future, even more advanced and detailed studies, answering questions about how the TS brain differs at the cellular level, will be possible.  Please consider participation in this important program. 

The interesting and informative materials available through the link below include a letter from Dr. Peter J. Hollenbeck, Co-Chairman of the Tourette Association's Scientific Advisory Board. Click here to view/download information materials.

Click here to read an article in the Tourette Association's Winter 2007 Newsletter about Brain Research by Dr. Clifford Saper, M.D., Ph.D., James Jackson Putnam Professor of Neurology and Neurosicence, Harvard Medical School and Chairman, Department of Neurology Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Click here to register for the Tourette Association's Brain Bank.

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