Month: August 2019

Capitol Hill Building
Congress has left for August recess, but they landed a budget deal that will allow for deliberations on their spending bills. This includes the $2 million for the CDC Tourette Syndrome Program. To encourage support for this program, the TAA will be providing the State Chapters and Support Groups email drafts that you can send to your local Senator's offices. Get involved, and encourage your friends and family to reach out to their Senators to have them support the CDC Tourette Syndrome Program.
plane in sky
Throughout my Air Force career, there were times where I worried military medical bureaucracy would prevent me from doing the things I wanted to do. I was determined that I would not take no for an answer, and pushed hard to show that I could do the job … I graduated top of my class from Explosive Ordnance Disposal school, and commanded an EOD flight, the military equivalent of a bomb squad.
person holding ferret
At first, my family and I thought my symptoms were compulsions, but this was disapproved by doctors. My tics continued until I was 13, and then I came down with Lyme disease. As a result, my tics skyrocketed and I was referred to a movement specialist at Yale Children’s Hospital. There, they diagnosed me with Tourette Syndrome.
While living with tics and other co-occurring conditions can certainly bring substantial difficulty, coping with a chronic condition like Tourette Syndrome can also build persistence, grit, and determination. In this free webinar, Dr. Kenneth Phelps, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, will identify key components of adapting and thriving while living with tics.