Rochelle’s Story – Volunteering to Make a Difference

At 37 years old, living with Tourette Syndrome has been challenging at times for Rochelle Bono. She was diagnosed in 1990 when she was 8 years old. Her tics included head jerking, blinking, grimaces, sniffling, clicking her tongue, barking like a dog, bird whistles and making crossed eyes. As an adult, she experienced suicidal tendencies, loneliness, low self-confidence, and isolation. She struggled with school and work, leading to homelessness and job loss. Still, she has used her experiences with Tourette Syndrome to help others.

Love and Dating With Tourette Syndrome

The idea of love and relationships can be exciting and a bit scary. The added layer of Tourette Syndrome can seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t hold you back from finding a partner who understands and compliments you.

Black History Month Celebration

The Tourette Association of America has been working to elevate the diversity of the community and, as part of this, we are celebrating Black History Month. To mark this celebration, the TAA is calling on members of the community to share stories and experiences.

TouretteConnect – January 2020

Happy New Year! Looking back on the last decade, we have made significant strides towards greater understanding, awareness and acceptance of Tourette Syndrome and co-occurring conditions. We continue to extend our footprint across the country with more national events including the Funders Breakfast in New York City, new webinars, increased provider education programming and an expanded Centers of Excellence program. 2020 is also monumental as it marks the return of our biennial National Conference.

Making a Difference on Advocacy Day

On March 4, in Washington, D.C., the Tourette Association of America will advocate for the most pressing issues facing the TS community on National Advocacy Day. Youth Ambassadors, TAA staff, volunteers, and community members will head to Capitol Hill to speak with elected officials on policy affecting the community. Youth Ambassadors and a Support Group Leader share their experiences from past Advocacy Day events and what it was like to #Rally4Tourette.

The News Anchor Whose Tics Get No Airtime

As part of O, The Oprah Magazine’s December 2019 issue featuring women who live with chronic health conditions, Nikki Burdine shared her story and experiences with Tourette Syndrome. “In my case, I’m no longer embarrassed about having Tourette. I just don’t want it to be a distraction from my job or a reason for people to treat me differently. The truth is, everyone is battling something. My struggle is just a little more obvious.” – Nikki

Aiden Inspires His Adopted Family

I walk with Team Tourette because my son has given me a whole new meaning to life. We brought our boy Aiden home from the hospital on January 14, 2012. Four days earlier, he was born to parents who were unable to care for him. We were able to adopt him into our family exactly one year later and on January 14, 2013, we officially went from a family of four to a family of five.