Living life, one Tic at a time!

Jordan Falkenstern’s YA Story

I’m your everyday Jerking, Twitching, Ticcing teenager. I live with Tourette. I was diagnosed with Tourette at age 4. At the time of my diagnosis, I didn’t really understand what TS was. Also, my mom and grandma didn’t exactly know either. As I got older, I got picked on A LOT. Middle School was the worst. I would get asked if I needed a tissue, because one of my symptoms were sniffling. Or I would jerk my legs back into the chair and have marks on the back of my calves. As I progressed into my High School Years, I wanted to embrace my condition. I wanted more and more people to listen and hear that there is more to TS than whatever they think there is. Then, I found the Tourette Association of America. I stumbled upon their website one day while doing a little snooping. I came across the TAA Youth Ambassador Program and became very excited. I felt like this was my chance to get my voice out. I attended the 2018 Youth Ambassador Program and met a lot of very good lifetime friends. I never want to disconnect from them. My life is going great, knowing I can be who I want to be, judgement free! Living life, one Tic at a time!