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While the Tourette Association of America does not provide college scholarships there are currently 3 scholarships specifically for students with Tourette Syndrome (TS) available through other organizations. Apart from the scholarships available for students with tics or TS, it is important to keep in mind that often students with TS are also impacted by co- occurring conditions. If you are searching for scholarships for a student with TS, and this student also has a diagnosis of another disorder, it might be helpful to also research scholarships that are either for co-occurring conditions or that have more broadly defined criteria.
Emmy Award-Winning Simpsons animator, Chance Raspberry, and his original series, Little Billy, present the Little Billy SwivelCard™ by IntelliPaper, the world's first paper USB drive! These groundbreaking Fan Club Member iCards were unveiled in November 2016 as the new, official distribution platform for Little Billy. The project is now among the world's first digital content ever stored on a piece of paper!
ROY — Have you ever had to sneeze or cough while trying to keep it in? It’s tough, but that’s how it feels when a child with Tourette syndrome tries to stifle an impulse to shout or sometimes even yelling obscenities. Now, one Utah junior high is making sure a student’s tic disorder doesn’t hold her back. Loud barking and cursing during a history lecture normally gets a student kicked out of class. But Sand Ridge Junior High student Brooklyn Eastman’s behavior is considered “normal” for her. Three years ago, Brooklyn was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. When the eighth-grader yells profanities in class, she says classmates and teachers know “Oh, it’s just Brooklyn, she’s not crazy.”
Simpsons lead animator, Chance Raspberry, is on a change the way we view neurodiversity and ourselves. We are all different in some way, so why not embrace our uniqueness? The word "diss" is urban slang for "disrespect." If you add an "s" to the word disability, you get "dissability" or diss-ability, meaning to disrespect ability. That's exactly what we do when we use words like disability, disorder, and other negative labels to describe what makes us who we are. Don't Diss Ability offers a whole new way to look at neurodiversity. There's a bright side to everything! Why focus on the negative?
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A Special Little Billy Shout-Out to my buddy, Matthew Bartlett and his pal, Hadley in Ada, Oklahoma! Yo Matt, this is Chance Raspberry, Little Billy creator and lead animator on The Simpsons. I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I have Tourette Syndrome, too. I know it can be a real challenge sometimes. Especially when starting a new chapter in school like Jr. High. But it can also be so much more.