Going Up! Ages: 13-17

Introducing yourself to new people can be overwhelming, especially if you’re nervous to share about your Tourette Syndrome. Learn how to create your own unique introduction to use when meeting new people, and an effective way to explain your symptoms of TS if needed. Join the Tourette Association of America for a free webinar on Thursday, May 7 at 7 pm EST that will help you express yourself in the best way. Presenters Tricia Kardon and Zach Pursley will give you guidance in a fun way towards creating a traditional “elevator speech” with a spin that works for you! This webinar is limited to 20 spots. Register in advance to secure a spot!

About Tricia Kardon

Tricia Kardon started her career as a Registered Nurse working primarily in Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital care. Her current role with the Tourette Association of America is as a facilitator for several online TS Parent Support groups. As the Executive Director of the Tourette Information Center and Support (TICS), she provided 12 years of advocacy and support for individuals and families affected by Tourette syndrome, as well as Tourette Syndrome education for their communities. Tricia also developed an award winning camp program called Camp Twitch and Shout. 

About Zach Pursley

Zach Pursley is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and is currently working as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines. Zach has been a volunteer counselor and leader with the Camp Twitch and Shout program for several years. Zach was also a part of the TICS Speakers Bureau and presented at the TAA’s National conference in 2018.