Hear Hunter’s Story

Your support helps young people like Hunter feel safer going about their daily lives.  
With your help, the TAA can continue to build free tools like our digital ‘I Have TS’ ID Card that our community can use to navigate difficult social situations and educate people one-on-one.

Hunter, a 17-year-old Youth Ambassador from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is making sure his local law enforcement and firefighters know about TS because our community is always at risk of being misunderstood when interacting with emergency services. Based on the difficult experiences he’s lived through, he now carries his “I Have TS” ID card with him everywhere and now has a digital version he can rely on. We need your support to ensure that everyone has access to tools like our ID card! 

Hunter’s given more than 17 presentations in Tulsa to police officers and fire fighters because education is the only thing that could’ve helped during the unfortunate incidents he has experienced. He’s a shining example of how one person with the right tools can spread awareness. Take your awareness efforts a step further with us this month.