Information & Inspiration: A Collection Worth Exploring

For those living with or affected Tourette Syndrome or Tic Disorders, films, books, songs, and other works of art can offer both information and inspiration. Following is a list of works that the Tourette Association has found to be helpful to our constituents. Please note, these are suggestions for further exploration and no way represents an official endorsement for any given project. Unless otherwise noted, the Tourette Association does not receive any financial benefit by listing these resources.”  Projects are listed in no particular.


Sixty adults and children tell their intimate stories of Tourette syndrome, how it affects their lives and self-image and how, despite it all, they persevere with strength and hope. Read more/ order info >>

oliver sacks

Musical Minds is a NOVA documentary based on neurologist Oliver Sacks’s 2007 book “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain” about music and the human brain aired on June 30, 2009 on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  The documentary features blind piano savant Derek Paravicini, Matt Giordano and Tony Cicoria.