The world’s first and only animated series about life with special needs is picking up speed! Simpsons animator, Chance Raspberry, and his original series, Little Billy, were recently featured on ABC’s Local Memphis Live! Check out the entire broadcast here. The footage aired on November 16, 2016 as a promo for the Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention, which Chance attended as a Guest of Honor, but he was sure to represent Tourette Syndrome in the interview. 

Chance is working hard to achieve more exposure like this in hope that if enough people join the Fan Club on, the series’s pilot episode will be crowdfunded into production.  Chance’s use of fan-funding to produce the Little Billy pilot will allow him to deliver the purest, top-quality version of Little Billy possible and help build awareness and acceptance of all kinds of “differences.” 

Expect more videos and updates from Chance and Little Billy right here soon! From what we know, there’s lots of fun new stuff in the works. Stay tooned!