A Shout Out from LITTLE BILLY!

Lead Simpsons animator Chance Raspberry did a special shout out for a boy with Tourette Syndrome.  Here it is – plus an original illustration for Matthew! Thanks Chance!

A Special Little Billy Shout-Out to my buddy, Matthew Bartlett and his pal, Hadley in Ada, Oklahoma! Yo Matt, this is Chance Raspberry, Little Billy creator and lead animator on The Simpsons. I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I have Tourette Syndrome, too. I know it can be a real challenge sometimes. Especially when starting a new chapter in school like Jr. High. But it can also be so much more.

Chance drawing for matthew

These are the years of your life when things seem the most complicated for lots of reasons, but it totally gets better as you live and learn. As we get older, being different and standing out becomes more important and valuable. You also make some of the best friends you will ever have in Jr. High and High School. Friends who embrace and appreciate uniqueness and your differences. Stay positive and hang in there, bro! As frustrating as TS can be, it can also work FOR you and be your “super power.” I channeled my excess energy into drawing, animation, art, and film , and that not only helped my tics and friendships – it also taught and granted me the focus required to master animation and make Little Billy!

Hang tough, Matt. You can do anything and be anyone you want to be! Explore what you love and focus on those people, places, and passions in your life. Channel all that amazing energy your TS gives you that so many people want but don’t have. Enjoy it, share that joy with others, and make the most of it while it’s here. It’s a gift! Have a great first year of Jr. High and always remember you have family and friends who love and support you very much (including here at Little Billy .) Love them back — I wouldn’t be where I am today without mine. It’s all going to work out, dude…you have so much to look forward to! :) Patreon.com/LittleBilly