Little Billy’s Official Series Poster Is Finally Here For Pre-Order!

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A message from Chance Raspberry about the project:

Thank you for supporting my original animated series, Little Billy, the world’s first and only animated series about life with neurodiversity, special needs, and the joys of being different! As you and many others know, I have Tourette Syndrome. Through years of intense focus, hard work, sacrifice, and support from my doctors, family, and friends, I’ve managed to gain lasting control of my tics using my art. Drawing and animating are amazing ways (for me) to channel and hyper-focus the excess energy TS causes. It’s all about your support team and having/finding the discipline and drive to do the work and utilize their resources and help!

The TAA was freshly formed and brand new when I was diagnosed with TS at age 8 in the 1980’s (hence Little Billy’s setting and powerfully over-the-top visual art style!) lol For three decades, TAA has worked equally hard to become the massive support system and worldwide resource they now provide to those with TS. It is for this reason that upon Little Billy’s return to Indiegogo later this summer, I aim to donate at least 10% of all Indiegogo profits raised to the Tourette Association of America! For more information on Indiegogo and how it works, click here. The campaign’s base goal will be $10,000. As a Stretch Goal system, I hope to increase TAA’s donation amount by 1% per $1,000 raised beyond that base goal! This amount would cap and hold at a 15% donation. In other words, the more money Little Billy raises, the more TAA gets!

As a result, TAA has agreed to become official ambassadors/promoters of the whole project! =) Once the Indiegogo launches, the current “Early Bird” prices available now in Little Billy’s Online Store will go up. To hear a complete interview I did on the Little Billy project and Phase III game-plan, check out Radio Memphis Live! by clicking here ! A very Special Thanks to Dianna Fryer for having me on the show! It was a ton of fun and an honor to be a guest on their 6th Birthday episode. Happy Birthday!!! To learn more and start supporting Little Billy now before he’s back on Indiegogo, please visit LittleBilly.com and LittleBilly.BigCartel.com. Once the Indiegogo is live, these products will be available only on Indiegogo!

THANK YOU so much for getting involved in Little Billy, guys!!! I can’t wait to share the continued progress of the Phase III Indiegogo (and beyond) with you! In addition to all of the above, I’m still working on new animation, videos, art, and content for the show. Of course, I’m doing this all by myself and have to keep the bills paid while I do – which is why I’ve set up LittleBilly.com on Patreon, the world’s first subscription-based crowdfunding platform! This support system lets you, the fans, pledge any “one time” amount or as little as $1/month in exchange for Patron-Only Rewards and early access to all things Little Billy. It is completely exclusive and separate from Indiegogo with no time limits or deadlines! For more information on Patreon and how it works, click here. The more people pledge monthly, the closer Little Billy gets to becoming a stable, self-sustained full-time job, project, and reality. Please pledge what you can, share this story, and stay tooned for the launch date of the Indiegogo. Thanks again, you guys! Happy Summer Vacation and I’ll see you on Indiegogo soon!

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