Neurodiverse Workforce Development Program

The Tourette Association of America (TAA) is committed to providing adults impacted by Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and related disabilities with tools needed to thrive in the workplace and propel careers forward. 83 percent of people living with Tourette Syndrome have at least one co-occurring condition such as ADHD, OCD or Anxiety.

The TAA has empowered communities across the nation to advocate for the most pressing issues facing the TS community.  One of the challenges facing adults with Tourette and other members of the neurodiverse community – including those with autism and dyslexia – is the dearth of employment opportunities and resources available to them. Although many people with neurological conditions have extraordinary skills, including in pattern recognition, memory, and mathematics, they often struggle to fit the profiles sought by employers. Some companies have reformed their HR processes to access neurodiverse talent, resulting in productivity gains, quality improvement, boosts in innovative capabilities, and increased employee engagement (Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage, 2017).

Because the TAA believes that more companies should take the same approach, and that appreciating and accommodating the behaviors and special talents of employees is at the heart of diversity and inclusion, it has launched its Neurodiverse Workforce Development Program to help companies gain access to neurodiverse talent.

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Mock Interview Series with Oracle

Thursday, December 2 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm EST

This mock interview series will give participants the opportunity to practice interviewing skills without the pressure to perform, which encourages confidence building and focuses on areas of improvement. This session will be facilitated by seasoned, professional recruiters and hiring managers of Oracle, a global leader in enterprise software and IT solutions. 

Registration requirements: Mock interviews are open to people, ages 16 and older, who are interested in practicing for job and/or college admissions interviews.

During registration, you will have the opportunity to choose a time slot that best fits your schedule. Each interview will be 30 minutes in length. Upon registration, all interviewees are asked to email a copy of their updated resume to [email protected]. Upon the receipt of a resume, participants will be emailed additional information about their interview, including a link to a Zoom meeting.

Update: Thank you for your interest in participating in the TAA/Oracle Mock Interview Series. If all interview slots are filled and you want your name placed on the waitlist, please select one of the timeslots labeled “Add to the Waitlist” below.  If the timeslot you selected becomes available, we will contact you.  
Thank you!

For questions, please email [email protected].