Amethyst Johnson

Manager, Information and Referral Services

Amethyst Johnson is the Manager of Information and Referral Services at the Tourette Association of America. Her core responsibilities include fielding inquiries related to Tourette Syndrome or other Tic Disorders, maintaining the database of provider referrals and reporting trends among the inquiries on a quarterly basis. Previously, Amethyst worked as a Care Manager for the School for Language and Communication Development (Tiegerman School). In that role she assisted developmentally disabled individuals to gain access to services, funded through Medicaid.

In her spare time, she is also volunteers as a Crisis Counselor for the Long Island Crisis Center. As a crisis counselor, Amethyst navigates clients through any stressful situation that they are experiencing and assess their level of lethality, to determine whether or not further assistance is needed.

Amethyst possesses a true passion for helping others and will continue to do so with this organization. She plans to identify the growing needs within TS community and work with her team to develop solutions to meet them. Amethyst received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from SUNY College at Old Westbury and also served teaching assistant to freshman English students during the course of her undergrad studies.