Brenda Peart

Manager of Programs/Project Director CDC Cooperative Agreement

Brenda has spent over 15 years in the nonprofit field working in various organizations helping the underprivileged and underrepresented parts of society. She has worked with children to ensure that they were placed in nurturing environments, parents to assist them with receiving adequate funding to support their families and has worked with fathers, helping them to gain higher education and to encourage them to not only see themselves in a more positive light, but to also remind them of the importance of their role in being strong mentors for their children.

Having worked with so many people from different walks of life has helped her to be able to see the bigger picture and how to make pieces of the puzzle fit. “Great work is done by people not afraid to be great” – Fernando Flores. This belief has been a driving force throughout Brenda’s career. She believes that working with a team with the same mindset can make an organization unstoppable which will in turn change lives.