Kathy Giordano

Education Specialist

Kathy Giordano is an Education Specialist for the Tourette Association of America. In this role, she has provided help, hope and support to the Tourette Syndrome community since 2003. Specifically, Kathy provides information and resources for educators, parents and medical professionals.

With a background in teaching, Kathy applies her deep knowledge to serve as a behavioral consultant with a focus on positive/proactive interventions for complex neurological disorders. She is well respected in the TS community and has devoted a better part of her life to raising awareness for and combating the stigma associated with Tourette Syndrome and the common associated conditions.

Kathy and her husband Tony have three adult children, two of whom have TS. She recently co-authored a book with her son Matt and husband, which details their experiences with Tourette Syndrome, titled A Family’s Quest for Rhythm. Kathy also contributed to the newly released book, The Clinician’s Guide to Treatment and Management of Youth with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders.