Sophie Triviño-Perez

Senior Programs Coordinator, Southern California Region

Sophie Triviño-Perez is a certified health educator specialist dedicated with a passion for promoting inclusivity. She received her Masters’ in Public Health in August 2023 at CBU. Sophie holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorder and Deaf Education.
With a diverse linguistic and cultural background, Sophie is fluent in French, Spanish, and proficient in sign language. Her extensive professional and personal expertise lies in the fields of Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, allowing her to provide in-depth support and advocacy for individuals affected by these conditions.
Sophie has showcased her leadership skills through public speaking at the Stanford Neurodiversity Lab and her research about mental health in adolescents with ASD and/or TS. She also serves as a committee member for SoCal TAA, focusing on fundraising, support, and awareness initiatives.