T-Shirt Design Contest

T-Shirt Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for the Team Tourette T-Shirt Contest. The winner of this contest will have their design featured on the 2019 Team Tourette T-Shirts and be recognized in the TAA newsletter publication, on social media, and will receive a free t-shirt with their design on it! The Tourette community will vote online to choose the winner. You can see the entries and learn their inspirations here.

Design 1

“My t-shirt design is called ‘Navigating the Labyrinth Together’. I was recently diagnosed with a tic disorder after struggling with it for over 38 years. Since then, I have researched everything I could find about Tourette Syndrome and discovered the foundation here in Canada, as well as the Tourette Association in the US.

Even though I have yet to meet another individual who has Tourette Syndrome or a tic disorder, I now feel like I’m a part of something and am no longer alone in this, hence the ‘navigating together’ part of my design. However, it does seem to be a maze, the ‘labyrinth’ part of the design, as there is no definitive treatment or cure for TS. It seems to be more like a trial and error approach to see what works for you, like solving your own puzzle and that is why there are puzzle pieces within the maze coming together to form an image of a brain.

Regardless of who wins, thank you for this opportunity to express my thoughts creatively.”

– Audra

Design 2

“My shirt design stems from a running joke I’ve had ever since accepting my Tourette Syndrome. I’ve had TS for 25 years now and primarily have motor tics. It was difficult throughout my childhood due to teasing and bullying, but I was able to accept it with humor. So, for my design, I wanted to submit an idea that is a little more ‘light-hearted’ and may bring some joy to others struggling with their symptoms.”

– Bobby

Design 3

“I think people who have Tourette have a closer understanding to others who have a difficult life just in general. When you work with people, not against them, you can achieve a lot more than you originally imagined. When I went to the Tourette Advocacy training in D.C., I was so amazed by how many people were like me and I cherished that experience so much. Everyone who has Tourette Syndrome is different, but we all share one thing in common: we all go through the day with our Tourette and it makes us stronger than most. That is the inspiration behind my shirt.”

– Kacy