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aarav How I cope with my tics in my daily life as a teen
I check the clock. It’s 11:13pm. Almost 30 minutes after I switched the lights off and decided to go to bed. But my tics have kept me up all this while— head shaking and quick grunts telling me not to relax and sleep. But I fight that urge, taking deep breaths repeatedly until my consciousness takes over and puts me to sleep. It’s been difficult having Tourette Syndrome as a teen, but I’ve found ways to make it much more manageable.
aarav tics at home
The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely caused a drastic decrease in social interactions, whether it may be in a school setting or in public. Initially, I thought that could be a beneficial break for kids across the world like me with Tourette’s Syndrome. Ever since the official start of the pandemic in March 2020, I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of my own tics.