topic: Awareness

Two Professors of Psychology, Dr. Doug Woods and Dr. Michael Himle, sit down to discuss their research on Tourette Syndrome. Dr. Doug Woods is a Professor of Psychology at Marquette University. Dr. Doug Woods discusses his over 20 years of research on Tourette Syndrome, focusing on CBIT, and the advancements and initial reactions to his studies. He also recalls his fondest memory at the World Congress in London where individuals from across the world joined together to discuss Tourette Syndrome. Similarly, Dr. Michael Himle, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah, offers his experiences through his research of Tourette Syndrome and his memory of a young ambassador's assisting in one of his talks on Tourette Syndrome. "All of these advances that we are finding scientifically will ultimately help us develop new drug and non drug treatments." -Dr. Douglas Woods
Jackie and Scott Nau sit down to discuss the effects of Tourette Syndrome on their lives as spouses. Jackie Nau has Tourette Syndrome and discusses bullying she suffered because of her Tourette Syndrome. She also highlights how her diagnosis brought her a sense of peace to have a name for her disability and know it is not her fault. Jackie's husband, Scott Nau, discusses the difficulty for those living with Tourette Syndrome as a husband to Jackie and pediatrician, as well as the various different types of motor and vocal tics. "You were the first person I remember as a professional and friend that ever said the words to me "You may have Tourettes but it doesn't define you," and for me that was pivotal because I always felt like it did." -Jackie Nau
Two young adults, Hayley Gripp and Eric McGowan, sit down to speak about their lives living with Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp discusses her diagnosis experience, co- occurring conditions, CBIT, and how she manages her symptoms by creating a more positive environment through education. Similarly, Eric McGowan discusses how he addresses his symptoms with others through honesty about his diagnosis. The young adults bond over managing their symptoms through doing what they love, music and cooking.  "There are days I hate my diagnosis and days where I think I wouldn't trade it for the world." -Hayley Gripp 
Hayley Gripp and Janine Tejada sit down in Southern California for a conversation on Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp and Janine Tejada speak on their diagnosis reaction and experiences with Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp, who has educated over 200,000 individuals since becoming a youth ambassador for Tourette Syndrome, shares how a negative experience made her realize the importance of advocacy and awareness. Hayley Gripp explains how the introduction of her and Janine Tejada offered hope while Janine accepted a difficult diagnosis for her son. Janine Tejada is the mother of Jonah, who has Tourette Syndrome, and speaks about the importance of education because of the misunderstandings of Tourette Syndrome. "Tourette is one of the most misunderstood neurological conditions." -Janine Tejada