topic: Bullying

Dr. Peter Hollenbeck, a Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University, sits down to discuss his experiences having Tourette Syndrome. Dr. Peter Hollenbeck discusses how his symptoms have waxed and waned throughout his life and how it influenced his childhood as his symptoms have reached a low point now. He speaks about childhood bullying and how having Tourette Syndrome has allowed people with Tourette Syndrome to come across genuine friends. Dr. Peter Hollenbeck also discusses his parents' successful approaches to dealing with his Tourette Syndrome throughout his childhood.  "The best thing they did was not to chase after a cure because there is no cure. It wasn't to chase after things to try and make me perfect because they couldn't make me perfect." -Dr. Peter Hollenbeck 
Jackie and Scott Nau sit down to discuss the effects of Tourette Syndrome on their lives as spouses. Jackie Nau has Tourette Syndrome and discusses bullying she suffered because of her Tourette Syndrome. She also highlights how her diagnosis brought her a sense of peace to have a name for her disability and know it is not her fault. Jackie's husband, Scott Nau, discusses the difficulty for those living with Tourette Syndrome as a husband to Jackie and pediatrician, as well as the various different types of motor and vocal tics. "You were the first person I remember as a professional and friend that ever said the words to me "You may have Tourettes but it doesn't define you," and for me that was pivotal because I always felt like it did." -Jackie Nau