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Here is the afternoon session for the CME Tourette workshop for all allied healthcare professionals working with Tourette and tic disorders, courtesy of the Weill Cornell Medical College and the NY State Consortium Centers of Excellence with the Tourette Association of America. This symposium will offer an overview on tic disorders for community healthcare providers to help them accurately diagnose and manage tic disorders and comorbid conditions across the lifespan. In a highly interactive format, health care providers will receive practical information and tools for their first patient encounter with Tourette and tic disorders.
Two swimmers, Anthony Ervin and Pedro Cavour, sit down to discuss how they live their lives with Tourette Syndrome. Anthony Ervin explains how he has overcome the challenges of being a swimmer with Tourette Syndrome to go on to win a Gold Medal in Rio and his experiences as an adult with Tourette Syndrome. Pedro Cavour, who witnessed Anthony Ervin win his gold medal, explains how swimming has aided his tics and co- occurring conditions by soothing his anxiety. The two share their different experiences with Tourette Syndrome and how it has effected them both negatively and positively in their swimming.  "Every time I get into the water I feel so much better." -Pedro Cavour
Two young adults, Hayley Gripp and Eric McGowan, sit down to speak about their lives living with Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp discusses her diagnosis experience, co- occurring conditions, CBIT, and how she manages her symptoms by creating a more positive environment through education. Similarly, Eric McGowan discusses how he addresses his symptoms with others through honesty about his diagnosis. The young adults bond over managing their symptoms through doing what they love, music and cooking.  "There are days I hate my diagnosis and days where I think I wouldn't trade it for the world." -Hayley Gripp