topic: Youth Ambassador

Two individuals, Ellie Jarvie and Andy Tiefenthaler, sit down in Wisconsin to discuss their various experiences and challenges with living with Tourette Syndrome. Andy Tiefenthaler is a young adult with Tourette Syndrome who shares his experience working at the Tourette Syndrome Camp USA. Ellie Jarvie also shares her experiences as a TAA Wisconsin Chapter Chairmember. Ellie Jarvie speaks about her life as she was a young teen into her thirties and her struggles with going in public with her tics. The two also discuss a dance they both attended that was organized by Andy Tiefenthaler in the 9th grade to raise money and awareness for Tourette Syndrome.  "Tourette's is just another art form." -Andy Tiefenthaler
Two young adults, Hayley Gripp and Eric McGowan, sit down to speak about their lives living with Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp discusses her diagnosis experience, co- occurring conditions, CBIT, and how she manages her symptoms by creating a more positive environment through education. Similarly, Eric McGowan discusses how he addresses his symptoms with others through honesty about his diagnosis. The young adults bond over managing their symptoms through doing what they love, music and cooking.  "There are days I hate my diagnosis and days where I think I wouldn't trade it for the world." -Hayley Gripp 
Hayley Gripp and Janine Tejada sit down in Southern California for a conversation on Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp and Janine Tejada speak on their diagnosis reaction and experiences with Tourette Syndrome. Hayley Gripp, who has educated over 200,000 individuals since becoming a youth ambassador for Tourette Syndrome, shares how a negative experience made her realize the importance of advocacy and awareness. Hayley Gripp explains how the introduction of her and Janine Tejada offered hope while Janine accepted a difficult diagnosis for her son. Janine Tejada is the mother of Jonah, who has Tourette Syndrome, and speaks about the importance of education because of the misunderstandings of Tourette Syndrome. "Tourette is one of the most misunderstood neurological conditions." -Janine Tejada
When parents of children with TS or the children themselves are asked about the most difficult part of having TS, the most frequent answer is dealing with peers. Social interactions are potentially very challenging for children with TS. One of the most important things we can do for our children is to educate their peers about the disorder. This is admittedly not easy, but it is one of the most successful ways to reduce social problems.