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The first Tourette Association of America Conference I attended was in 2016 as the new President & CEO of the organization. It was a wonderful chance to immerse myself in the science, the challenges and the successes of our growing community. Most importantly, the parents, children and adults I met who are so deeply impacted each day by Tourette and Tic Disorders moved me.

The Tourette Association of America will visit Arlington, Virginia again in March 2018 to host the biennial National Education and Advocacy Conference. Additionally Anthony Ervin, USA Olympic swimmer and 4x medalist, will be in attendance. To learn more and register please visit tourette.org/conference18.

I know many face the stigma of Tourette Syndrome each and every day. As we continue to raise awareness and bolster knowledge about this misunderstood disorder, we hope you will join us to gain information on the latest-and-greatest in research, education, as well as parenting, youth and adult programming while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Join us in our effort to continue making life better for those impacted by Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. Become a member, attend an event or volunteer.

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Ho Lee Ching: An International Story!


Lee Ching was 10 years old when we finally knew why she was making sounds for no apparent reasons. The painful truth is she has tics, both vocal and motor, since she was seven. She is fortunate to have good friends and teachers who understood her disability and are ever supportive. We are very fortunate to have found TAA and with it, bountiful resources on Tourette and a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from one another.” – Robert Ho

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A Jangling Journey: Life With Tourette Syndrome


What is it like to be bombarded by inner sensations that overwhelm your best efforts at control, forcing you to make movements or sounds that can be unpleasant, even startlingly inappropriate? Although not diagnosed until adulthood, neurobiologist Peter J. Hollenbeck, Ph.D., has lived with Tourette syndrome since he was a boy.

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2018 National Conference Scholarships


Thanks to the generosity of TAA Board Members and The Diane & Darryl Mallah Scholarship Fund, the Tourette Association of America offers scholarships to individuals and families that are interested in attending the 2018 National Conference. All applications are due Friday, November 10th!

Spaces are limited – apply today!

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Scientific Advances in Tourette Syndrome Research and Treatment

[Public Policy]

Yesterday, the Tourette Association of America in collaboration with the Congressional Tourette Syndrome Caucus held a briefing on Capitol Hill titled Scientific Advances in Tourette Syndrome Research and Treatment. Leading Doctors and Researchers in the field of Tourette Syndrome (TS) presented their recent findings on genetics, autism and Tics.

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“I’m Your Guy!” – Joe Grappone

[TAA Spotlight]

Joe Grappone is the Tourette Association of America Chapter Manager. In this role, he provides guidance, motivation, and support to the Association’s network of 32 Chapters and 81 affiliated support groups, and advises key volunteers on leadership, management, programming, and fundraising. Always ready to Listen and Share a story.

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