Annual Report

Showcasing the work being done on behalf of the Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorder and related disabilities community across the globe.

A Message from the President and CEO

In Fiscal Year 2021 the Tourette Association of America (TAA) was able to pivot successfully to ensure that those impacted by Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and related disabilities received resources, support, and customized care despite the Covid-19 pandemic. I am proud to report that while the uncertainty of the pandemic may have made us rethink how we support the community, it did not derail us. In fact, by the close of the year we tripled our virtual offerings, more than 100 virtual support initiatives – including a free Virtual Conference, weekly webinars, a virtual Gala, and virtual walks around the country. Thank you to the volunteers, staff, and our community who helped these programs come to life; they never stopped working in the name of TS awareness, research, and support.

We are leaning on one another to form a stronger community, learning from personal experiences, and together there is strength in numbers. During these challenging times, the organization needs you now more than ever to continue helping individuals and families within the community, to continue investing in treatment options and care, and to educate communities ignorant to TS.

Amanda Talty

Our Work in Fiscal Year 2021

70+ Free Webinars or Facebook Lives

Including a free Virtual Conference, with a concentrated 20+ educational programs, and targeted series designed specifically for COVID-19, adults, providers, young professionals, families, and children

53 Education and Medical Professional Programs

Designed to educate health care providers, school administration and faculty, families, individuals and members of the general public, through in-person and online trainings.

138,390 Individuals Educated

Through in-person and online trainings to health care providers, school personnel, families, individuals, and members of the general public.

1,682 Participants in Virtual #Rally4Tourette

Represented TS on Virtual National Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. through virtual meetings and take action letters. These advocates raised awareness
for the most pressing issues facing the community.

3,800,000 Reached

In a national Spanish-speaking awareness campaign to elevate how the condition may present among medical professionals, educators and at home.

4 Projects Funded

To facilitate cutting-edge research aimed at paving the way for a deeper understanding of the condition, treatment and care options.

7,951 Resources in Multiple Languages

Have been downloaded from the website and used to educate the general public, educators, and medical professionals.

Personal Story Highlight: Mary Sue Wilson

“My mom, Mary Sue, had many great loves in life – her family always at the top of the list. My nephew, Justin, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 7 and mom became ever invested in making sure he was supported and loved always. Together they shared a deep passion for the outdoors and today he is a phenomenal husband, dad, and provider—with two little ones of his own.

Honoring mom in her last wishes to give to the Tourette Association of America meant a great deal to her and to us. This was born out of her experiences with Justin and the need to make sure more people get the support they so desperately need.

Mom was known for saying ‘never toot your own horn,’ and she never did. Yet, it is telling to reflect on her life of quiet devotion and service, and for that, I gladly sing her praises.” – Liz

When you include the TAA in your will or as a beneficiary, you provide the opportunity for us to continue our mission of providing support and hope to the Tourette Association of America for generations to come. Visit to learn more.


In memory of Mary Sue Wilson, whose generous bequest supports important Tourette Association of America programming.

Previous Annual Reports

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Fiscal Year 2019

Because of you, tomorrow is full of promise.

Fiscal year 2019 was marked by incredible progress toward the fulfillment of our mission. It showcased something powerful: the togetherness of the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community demonstrating that we are the most powerful when we all work together. We are never alone.

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It has been nothing short of an exceptional year for the Tourette Association of America. Looking back on all that has been accomplished, it’s hard to believe so much change could be possible in so little time. But that’s the beauty of our resilient community, and it’s the gift of your continued support. We cultivate strength from nurturing one another and from listening to each other’s stories. Our efforts empower awareness and growth that can shift public perception and understanding.