Strategic Plan FY2023-FY2028


Our 50th Anniversary marks the launch of the TAA’s inaugural 5-year Strategic Plan. This bold effort catapults our mission delivery into a new and exciting phase. We are very proud to share that this plan represents the collective efforts of our Board of Directors, staff, and army of dedicated volunteers who have set clear priorities for the TAA in the upcoming years and reimagined what is means to increase awareness, provide support, and fund research.

Strategic Plan Overview


Priority #1:  Support & Education

Ensure people affected by Tourette Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and other associated conditions have access and connection to the individuals, information, and resources they need to address daily challenges.

Priority #2:  Research and Clinical Application
Advance knowledge of TS/Tic Disorders and disseminate best practices in care and treatment.

Priority #3: Revenue Development and Partnerships
Increase organizational capacity by expanding resources and reach.

Priority #4:  Organization & Culture
Mobilize a unified, inclusive organization with a strong nationwide presence and a mission-focused culture.

Priority #5:  Awareness & Advocacy
Foster acceptance and elevate understanding of Tourette in the general public.


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