Strategic Priorities

Strengthening our operational capacity and infrastructure

Re-engineer and modernize business processes to improve efficiency, boost communications, and measure impact

• Research grant management system, upgraded website, new accounting system, staff performance management, professional development

Improve and enhance back-end processes for Chapter function

• Example: CRM system for chapters, common accounting software
• Target a portion of fundraising efforts toward infrastructure improvements

Enhancing stewardship and diversify funding streams away from reliance on events and CDC funding

Focus and increase programmatic impact and mission delivery

New programming based on greatest potential impact and greatest community needs

• i.e. Adult programming, newly diagnosed backpack program, YA mentorship program, etc.

Identify overlooked issues in advocacy and research

• Example: advocating for telemedicine, Young Investigator grants

Leverage knowledge to boost awareness

Rethink methods by which we distribute information

• Example: National Conference, website changes, introduction of poster presentation and mini-symposia for grantees
Embrace and promote core values

Foster connections to bolster organizational awareness

Broaden local community connections

Nurture diversity across all levels of the organization

• Diversity in thought, ethnicity, and economic status
• Engage with minority based physician and advocacy groups (NAACP, National Hispanic Medical Association, etc.)
• Expand our presence at relevant events and conferences

Leveraging connections to boost awareness:

• Publicize action oriented service and core values
• Participate in activities orchestrated by affiliates and partner organizations and encourage reciprocation

Invest in our People

Invest in volunteerism for greater mission delivery

• Develop leadership at the chapter and support group level
• Start new support groups in areas without presence
• Encourage and provide support for affiliates to participate in nationally directed service activities
4Invest in and leverage staff for greater mission delivery

• Facilitate discussions between functional areas
• Example: “Lunch & Learn” sessions for staff
• Pilot a new Chapter model in Southern California

Better utilize and engage advisory Boards (MAB, SAB, EAB) to enhance productivity around common goals identified by the TAA

• Example: New MAB working groups