We are grateful for the major part you all have played in our 50-year journey from humble beginnings as the TSA, to what we now know as the TAA. Our approach has always been to honor your stories and be informed by your experiences, as we all have travelled unique paths.

As we reflect on our years of development and outreach efforts, we plainly see our wins and our missteps, all of which have been essential in shaping our nuanced and varied programming, our research and medical support systems and growing our diverse volunteer network. We are proud of our achievements, but we are not satisfied. In this our 50th year, we invite you to “buy in” to our continuing journey to become our community’s global leader, committed to representation. Together we can achieve our goal of meeting everyone affected, exactly where they are.

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A diagnosis of Tourette or Tic Disorder can seem overwhelming.

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Local support for children, families and adult with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders across the nation.

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Strategic 5-Year Plan

Our 50th Anniversary marks the launch of the TAA’s inaugural 5-year Strategic Plan.

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