Teens (13-17)

Having Tourette Syndrome can make teens feel different and uncomfortable around other people, in addition to feeling out of control. The Tourette Association is committed to helping teens live with their Tics, understand factors that improve or worsen the tics, and improve self-esteem and coping skills. One of our most impactful programs is our Youth Ambassador program that is specifically designed to empower teens.

Teens with Tourette are not alone.  Teens from around the country share their experiences – both challenging and empowering. Watch their stories on YouTube:

Check out our YouTube “Teens to Twenty Something” Playlist on YouTube.

… or check out these selections…

Having Tourette can be hard, but it’s going to be ok. – Bailey

Tourette makes me say things I don’t mean – Jack

Tourette can be hard sometimes – Jordan

Outstanding teen talks about teaching others about Tourette – Olivia

Tourette has made me a better person – Julia

I was bullied because of Tourette, but it doesn’t happen anymore -Brendan

Upcoming Webinars

Going Up! For Ages 13-17

Learn how to create your own unique introduction to use when meeting new people, and an effective way to explain your symptoms of TS if needed. We will give you guidance in a fun way towards creating a traditional "elevator speech" with a spin that works for you!