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1 in 50 school-aged children has Tourette Syndrome or another persistent Tic Disorder. More than half of school-aged children with TS have a co-occurring condition, like ADHD, anxiety or depression. The tools below are designed to assist educators and support staff in recognizing complex symptoms and serve as a guide towards developing effective support plans to allow children with Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders to thrive both socially and academically. 

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TS in the Classroom

Standing up for yourself: Explaining Tourette at School

This section explains ways students can talk to their classmates and teachers about Tourette Syndrome, including a class activity.

Strategies & Techniques

Managing Tourette Syndrome or another Tic Disorder in the classroom requires knowledge and understanding. These are the key elements to creating an accepting and supportive educational environment.

Information about 504s and IEPs

Children and teens with Tourette Syndrome often face significant challenges in school due to vocal and motor tics, as well as co-occurring conditions such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, dysgraphia, etc.  Effective communication with school administrators and your child’s “team” is essential to helping your child succeed and benefit from appropriate accommodations such as IEPs and 504 plans.

Bullying Prevention & Strategies

Schools and communities have embraced new, effective strategies and implemented programs to prevent bullying. Educating students about Tourette can be an important first step to prevent bullying. If a child’s fellow classmates are not properly educated about TS, the potential for bullying can increase, and the child is more likely to develop poor social skills, under-achieve academically and suffer from low self-esteem. When students understand TS, they generally become more comfortable with their classmate and are less likely to bully or to condone the bullying.

What is Tourette Syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that becomes evident in early childhood or adolescence.

It is part of the spectrum of Tic Disorders and is characterized by motor and vocal tics. The current estimates are that 1 out of every 50 children has TS or another persistent Tic Disorder.

Educator's Toolkit

Educators Guide

This toolkit aids educators in recognizing complex symptoms of Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Tic Disorders. It guides the development of effective support plans, enabling these children to flourish socially and academically.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Kids Corner

The Kids Corner features interactive resources for children to help educate the public about Tourette Syndrome and other Tic Disorders. The Tourette Association of America, in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), created these materials to provide comprehensive information about specific topics related to children:

Comic Book Series

Conic Book Covers 3

Exploring Tourette Syndrome: Facing Challenges is a new series of comic books for children in different public situations. The first three comic books focus on exploring situations at home, in school, and at the mall.

Children’s Game

Childrens Game One Sheeter cover

Download these fun games to learn about all things tic related.

Tourette is part of me, but it doesn't define me.

Learn About Our Educational Advisory Board

The TAA Education Advisory Board (EAB) is made up of professionals that are experts on Tourette Syndrome and school. 

I Have TS ID Card

ts card

The stigma around TS and Tic Disorders often stems from misunderstandings. These cards help clarify its effects, especially useful in high-stress situations like traveling or crowded places.

Additional Resources

Teen Guide (Toolkit)

This toolkit is intended to be a guide for teens who are learning to navigate life with Tourette syndrome (TS). Teens face many life transitions and have much to learn and consider when living with TS. This toolkit is meant as a guide and resource to assist them when they face new experiences.

Childrens' Guide (Toolkit)

This toolkit, designed for 7-12-year-olds, helps children to explain Tourette Syndrome to their peers, friends, and family. The guide explains to children what TS is and how it might affect a child at school, while also providing empowering support and fun games.

What is CBIT (Toolkit)

Download this helpful toolkit to learn more about Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) – the front line therapy that helps people living with Tourette Syndrome or other Tic Disorder to minimize the negative impacts of their tics and thrive.