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While the pandemic has forced the world into uncharted territory, there is hope for the future. Amanda Talty, CEO and President of the Tourette Association of America, recently joined leaders from all walks of life in writing letters of hope, which are featured in the current issue of Bella Magazine. Read the letter here.

Actor, teacher, and writer Gardiner Comfort navigates life in New York City with Tourettes during a pandemic in this piece by BRIC TV. The commissioner for the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, Victor Calise, gives helpful information for the public. Watch the video here.

Sophie Adams is a 16-year-old who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome when she was 9 years old, after experiencing tics for a couple of years. Sophie told BuzzFeed that many people have a misunderstanding about what Tourette’s is and what it is really like to live with it, so she has been trying to spread awareness on social media. Read more about Sophie and her videos on Buzzfeed.

Tourette Association of America Youth Ambassador Chloe Winston and Emily Ricketts Ph.D., a Clinical Specialist in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the University of California, have a discussion about Tourette Syndrome on Saturday Mornings with Joy Keys. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Since being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD as a child, Jumaane D. Williams, NYC Public Advocate, has spoken publicly about his Tourette’s Syndrome and hopes he can inspire others diagnosed with the disorder to not let it hold them back. Click here to read more about Williams and Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month.

Musician Jamie Grace and TAA Youth Ambassador Jordan Flemming joined “Good Morning Washington” on National Advocacy Day 2020 to advocate for the community and raise awareness. Click here to read more and watch the clip.

TAA Youth Ambassador Emily Womack worked with the Tourette Association of America to raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome after she was kicked out of an AMC theater due to her tics. She pleaded for companies to participate in training that would help them understand the condition and how to best handle situations with empathy. Click here to read more.

Anthony Padilla spent a day learning about Tourette Syndrome and tics by chatting with TAA Rising Leader Emberly Sevilla, comedian Samuel J Comroe, and gamer Sweet Anita. They discussed the moment they were diagnosed, experiences they’ve had growing up and what they’d like people to know about #Tourette and Tic Disorders. Watch the full video.

Get to know Amanda Talty, President and CEO of the TAA, as she joins Adam Mendler to discuss leadership in the nonprofit world. She shares about her influences, tips on leading a nonprofit organization, advice for those interested in working within the nonprofit sector, and what others can learn about #TouretteSyndrome. Read the Q&A!

The first thing you should do when trying to accommodate an employee with TS is have an open discussion about how their condition manifests and then work together to see what can be done. Providing tic breaks can be very helpful, as well as understanding that tics wax and wane so where possible be open to temporary task reassignment or a flexible schedule to allow periods of high intensity ticking to pass. Read more workplace tips on Forbes.

Brooklyn-born, Caribbean-rooted Jumaane Williams is always wearing several hats. The proud son of immigrants from Grenada, Williams, New York City’s public advocate, has been a supporter of the Tourette Association ever since he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Williams said his first interaction with other people with TS was at an association event — adding that his mother immediately got involved with the group and became a board member of a local chapter. Click here to read more. 

The Searls tried everything to help their daughter Avery: holistic doctors, medication, elimination diets, neurofeedback, acupuncture, supplements. Finally, they found the clinic that has treated hundreds of children with tics like Avery’s using Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT). CBIT is a non-drug alternative treatment that uses behavioral therapy to teach people how to manage tics on their own. Click here to read more.

Josh Ertter is living with Tourette Syndrome (TS), and often has to take the extra step to inform those around him that he may make involuntary movements and noises. That’s what he did last month before working out at his local Planet Fitness. He was still told that he was unwelcome. Later, Planet Fitness apologized and met with Josh and Amanda Talty, TAA President and CEO. Click here to read more.

Tourette Association of America President and CEO Amanda Talty issued the following statement on today’s release of the first-ever treatment guidelines issued by the American Academy of Neurology. TAA has been an ongoing participant in the development of the guidelines; ten of the co-authors are involved closely with TAA. Click here to read more.

We’d like to set the record straight. People living with Tourette Syndrome are not “A Tourette’s.” They are mothers, fathers, children, educators, award-winning journalists, Olympic Gold medalists and professional athletes, actors, rising pop musicians, authors and so much more. They are a community of equal, exceptional individuals who don’t want to be defined by their tics. Click here to read more. 

Alexandra Cuttler and Jack Carlin are TAA Youth Ambassadors for the New York – Hudson Valley Chapter, having been trained in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Through their proactive efforts, they started the Project Lights initiative, which was their mission to light up the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (formerly the Tappen Zee Bridge) teal for the final day of Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month. This was no small task for Jack, Alexandra, and their families. The project began back in March, when the group began mapping out the process they would undertake. Click here to read more.

CBSNews david begnaud

In this CBSNews segment, David Begnaud opens up about how he manages Tourette Syndrome in life and work. Along with Amanda Talty, President and CEO of the Tourette Association of America, they present facts and awareness as Begnaud tells his story. He explains how certain tics can lead to people making unfortunate assumptions, that Tourette affected his school life, and lead to bullying. The segment covers the theories behind the cause of Tourette Syndrome and better describes the condition to educate viewers on what it can look like. Click Here to watch the segment and here for the Facebook Live.

The Tourette Association of America once again invites applications for the upcoming Centers of Excellence Program, in which the TAA recognizes medical institutions offering the highest level of care, education, advocacy for Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders. Click Here to Read More. 

On Thursday, November 15th the Tourette Association held its annual Gala to honor Domenick A. Cama, President and Chief Operating Officer of Investors Bancorp and Investors Bank. Click Here to Read More.


In partnership with the Tourette Association of America, neuroscientists at the University of Florida’s McKnight Brain Institute are leading a multinational effort to track outcomes for patients with Tourette Syndrome who undergo deep brain stimulation, an established treatment for other movement disorders that’s now being tested as a potential means to decrease the motor and vocal tics of Tourette Syndrome in certain patients. Click here and visit to learn more.

Gala honoree and special guests

On Monday, November 6th the Tourette Association held its Celebration Gala to honor Ken Moelis for over 20 years of dedicated service to the organization.  Full Article >> 

Jane Hamilton

14-Year-Old Jane Hamilton, a Youth Ambassador trained this past March, was featured on Inside Edition to raise awareness for Tourette Syndrome and the Tourette Association of America. Watch the clip.


The ABC Network Series, What Would You Do? spotlighted a Tourette Association Youth Ambassador, Jillian Bliss, to promote Tourette syndrome awareness and bullying advocacy. Watch the clip.


Anthony Ervin, US Olympic Swimmer and Gold Medalist spoke with Youth Ambassador Ethan Boyce and USA Today about his Tourette Syndrome. Click below to read the full article.

Olympic gold medalist Anthony Ervin says Tourette Syndrome gave him an advantage in the pool


Chelsea White, TAA-NYC Chapter Board Member speaks to Glamour about the surprising way she uses her Tourette Syndrome when dating. Read the full article.


Gardiner Comfort, TAA-NYC Chapter Board Member, details his experience of living with Tourette Syndrome in his one-man show The Elephant in Every Room I Enter. Read the full article.


District Council 9 Union Workers kicked off Earth Day 2017 by painting the Bayside headquarters of the Tourette Association of America (TAA) a fresh coat of special teal paint. Full Article >> 


District Council 9 (DC 9), IUPAT Painters & Allied Trades painted the Tourette Association of America (TAA) Bayside headquarters teal on Earth Day. Full Article >> 


TAA 2017 Youth Ambassador Jessica Brown meets with Congressman Jerrold Nadler in his Washington office on National Advocacy Day.  Full Article >>


JConline covered the appointment of Peter Hollenbeck to Tourette Association of America Board of Directors. Full Article >>


TAA 2016 Youth Ambassador Trevor Harris appears on Good Morning Washington. “13-year-old Arlington resident raising awareness for Tourette Syndrome.”  Watch the clip >> 


New Canaan Advertiser covered the Tourette Association of America Annual gala which recognized the Tom Gnuse family from New Canaan. Full Article >>

teen vogue Olivia roman

Teen Vogue interviews Olivia Roman, TAA Youth Ambassador. Read the article >>

mic lucy

Yahoo News: 5 Things You Want Your Friends to Know about Living with Tourette Syndrome. Read the article >>


Tourette Association selects Marblehead student as Youth Ambassador. Read more >>

ts Awarness month rock

Mooresville’s, North Carolina, recognizes Tourette Awareness Day on June 4, thanks to the efforts of TAA Chapter Leader Heather Ramsey and 2016 TAA Youth Ambassador Jordan Ramsey. Full article >>


TAA President & CEO John Miller and Youth Advocate Tess Kowalski from NJ talk about TS and awareness.

Lexington eighth-grader named an ambassador for Tourette Syndrome awareness. Read more>>


CBS News 9: TV Reporter Nikki Burdine onBreaking down stereotypes. View the clip and read the article >>

ABC Good Morning Washington interviews TAA President & CEO John Miller and two Youth Ambassadors ahead of Hill Day.  Watch the clip >>

Channel 4 Buffalo NY: Local Teen Becomes National TAA Youth Ambassador. Watch the clip >>