Resources and Support

At the Tourette Association of America we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive resources and support for all of those in the Tourette community. In this section of our website, you will find resources of the following topics:

Tools for Educators: Comprehensive education resources for parents, kids and teachers

Tools for Parents: Advice, guidance and valuable information for parents of children with Tourette or tics.

Tools for Medical Practitioners: Information on diagnosis, treatment and research

Tools for Law Enforcement: Training materials related to Tourette Syndrome

Youth Ambassador Program: Teen education, empowerment and advocacy program

Find a Doctor: Search by state and other filters

Find a Local Chapter or Support Group: Search by State

Resource Library: A comprehensive database on all topics related to Tourette and Tic Disorders. Fully Searchable

**NEW** TAA Webinars: Current webinars given by doctors and therapists on various topics related to Tourette Syndrome

The Tourette Association employs full-time Information and Referral staff who are available to assist you in both English and Spanish.  You can call 888-4-TOURETT or use the Contact Us form. In addition, you will find a wealth of information on various topics in our searchable Resource Library.

Finally, we understand that Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders present uniquely across individuals. One size does not fit all, so we encourage you to reach out to us. We are here to help you develop personalized plans and strategies that meet your specific need.

Support Along the Tourette Journey

Please note, you should not rely on the information posted on this Web Site as a substitute for consultations with qualified health care professionals who are familiar with individual medical conditions and needs. The Tourette Association strongly recommends that care and treatment decisions related to Tourette Syndrome and any other medical condition be made in consultation with a patient’s physician or other qualified health care professionals who are familiar with the specific individual’s health situation.