The Tourette Association of America Oklahoma Chapter is a volunteer led, nonprofit organization supporting the needs of individuals and families affected by Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. We are committed to raising public awareness and fostering social acceptance; advancing scientific understanding, treatment options and care; educating professionals to better serve the needs of children, adults and families challenged by Tourette and Tic Disorders; advocating for public policies and services that promote positive school, work and social environments; Providing help, hope and a supportive community across the nation; and empowering our community to deal with the complexities of this spectrum of disorders.


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Youth Ambassador Program

The TAA Youth Ambassador Program brings together, trains and supports teens to advocate for and talk about Tourette and Tic Disorders in their community, with their elected officials and before their peers at school, sports leagues, scout troops, camps and after-school programs. Learn More

Education In-Service

The TAA conducts in-service presentations around the state with various schools on an as needed basis. It can make a tremendous difference in your child’s academic experience to have the school staff educated about the many facets of TS. Learn More

Post-Secondary Scholarships

The Oklahoma Chapter of the Tourette Association of America would like to support students with Tourette Syndrome in their academic pursuits. Below are guidelines for a post-secondary education scholarship program to be used for tuition and school expenses. Following the guidelines are the application requirements and the necessary application forms for download.


  • Post-secondary education includes career tech, two and four-year college, and four-year university programs leading to a certification or degree.
  • Student applicants must provide proof of a Tourette Syndrome diagnosis from a certified physician.
  • Student applicants or their family must reside in Oklahoma when initially applying for the scholarship.
  • Student applicants or their family must be members of the Tourette Association of America (family memberships are $45 per year with a portion of the membership being returned to the Oklahoma chapter).
  • Scholarship amounts depend on the institution a student plans to attend. The educational institution need not be in Oklahoma. A student attending a career tech program could receive $500 per year for up to two years. A student attending a college or university could receive $750 for each of the first two years and $1,000 per year for the third and fourth years.
  • Scholarship renewal requires a scholarship recipient to be in good academic standing and on track toward earning a certification or degree.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to undertake one activity each semester they have the scholarship that increases awareness and understanding of Tourette Syndrome. Examples might include something using social media, a student or local newspaper, presentation to a local group (student, staff, faculty, civic or community club), or class project. Activities will be coordinated with an Oklahoma Tourette Association Chapter representative.
  • Number of scholarships awarded each year depends on the number of qualified applicants.

Application Procedure

  • Each applicant must complete the application form found at this website.
  • Each applicant must provide a letter from a certified physician proving the applicant has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.
  • Each applicant must write and submit a 300-word essay describing her/himself, her/his experience with having Tourette Syndrome, the institution she/he plans to attend, major and career aspirations, and the initial plan (which can be modified later) to increase awareness and understanding of Tourette Syndrome. The essay form is found at this website.
  • Each applicant must provide two references (for example, a teacher she/he has had, counselor, clergy, employer, or volunteer supervisor). References may use the reference form found at this website or provide a letter of reference.
  • Applications may be received anytime.Send application materials to:
    Scholarship Selection Committee
    c/o Tourette Association – Oklahoma Chapter
    5023 W 3rd Avenue
    Stillwater OK 74074

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Shellie Summers, Chair
Mimi Ward, Vice Chair
Clem Ward, Secretary & Treasurer
Ed Collins, Board Member
Ashley Allen, Board Member