Don’t Diss Ability…Encouraging Words from Chance Raspberry

Simpsons lead animator, Chance Raspberry, is on a mission…to change the way we view neurodiversity and ourselves. We are all different in some way, so why not embrace our uniqueness?

The word “diss” is urban slang for “disrespect.” If you add an “s” to the word disability, you get “dissability” or diss-ability, meaning to disrespect ability. That’s exactly what we do when we use words like disability, disorder, and other negative labels to describe what makes us who we are. Don’t Diss Ability offers a whole new way to look at neurodiversity. There’s a bright side to everything! Why focus on the negative?[/vc_column_text]

Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon (the most popular, lucrative, and successful video game in world history, second only to Super Mario Bros.) has Autism. Rodney Mullen, freestyle skateboard world champion and inventor of skateboarding’s cornerstone trick (the flatland “ollie”) has Autism. Chance Raspberry, lead animator for The Simpsons and creator of Little Billy and Don’t Diss Ability, has Tourette Syndrome.

Just because we aren’t like everyone else doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us. In fact, the examples above are just some of the amazing ways our neurodiversities can help us exceed and excel in life. This mindset embodied by Don’t Diss Ability is the core message of Little Billy, the world’s first and only animated series about life with special needs!

To celebrate this message and the positive power of neurodiversity, Chance has designed and released an official Don’t Diss Ability T-Shirt. You can get yours and learn more now at DontDissAbility.org. These shirts will only be available 3 MORE DAYS (campaign ends September 30, 2016.) Don’t miss this chance to be part of the turning point from ground zero!

All change starts somewhere…why not with us? Let’s be the change. We’re not broken. We’re just different.®™