Sometimes, it pays to think differently. Looks like the world’s first animated series about life with special needs is ushering in another world debut. Emmy Award-Winning Simpsons animator, Chance Raspberry, and his original series, Little Billy, present the Little Billy SwivelCard™ by IntelliPaper, the world’s first paper USB drive! These groundbreaking Fan Club Member iCards were unveiled in November 2016 as the new, official distribution platform for Little Billy. The project is now among the world’s first digital content ever stored on a piece of paper! Not bad for the dreamer kid with Tourette’s.

We get it…this is crazy and hard to believe! Fortunately, Chance has provided a full demonstration in the video here. Watch the magic literally unfold then visit LittleBilly.com to get your very own Little Billy Member iCard! All past, present, and future Little Billy content is now accessible via these cards. By sharing his creative process and the production of the pilot in this way, Chance aims to build Little Billy’s audience and fan base before the series is even out! For more details on what the cards offer, check out the official press release here: http://eepurl.com/cp62pL. The Little Billy SwivelCard™ by IntelliPaper: It’s paper with power! ®

https://youtu.be/ghBEpnRAXQ4″ title=”Little Billy SwivelCard

Chance comments, “In a creative industry, your appeal and ‘value’ are determined by how diverse and unique you are. In other words, the more different you are, the better. This is why I work so hard to bring Little Billy to life as something no one has ever done before. Animation requires unbelievable time, energy, focus, and skill. Just like working to overcome your tics, it’s all about dedication and discipline! Severe competition forces artists to make themselves stand out – thanks to Tourette Syndrome, standing out has always just been part of what makes me ‘me.’ Tourettes has become part of my skill set. Not only has it been channeled and controlled by my art, but it has now become the energy and force that allows me to focus as hard as I do (and must.) In short, Tourette Syndrome is my secret weapon.”