Little Billy 1

Little Billy

Little Billy

The first ever animated series Inspired by growing up with Tourette Syndrome!

The Tourette Association of America is excited to partner with Chance Raspberry, an independent creator and lead animator for The Simpsons, on presenting Little Billy!

Little Billy is an original animated series designed to demystify and end stigmas associated with life with Special Needs in a creative new way. This one of a kind series is not only heartwarming and educational, it’s designed to break down barriers and empower today’s youth to embrace differences.

The inspiration behind Little Billy comes from Chance’s life growing up with Tourette Syndrome in the 80’s. The classic 2D traditional cartoons of animation’s Golden Age and family sitcoms from the 1980s are the creative influence behind it. It’s a real cartoon about real people!

“Little Billy is not just a show or concept driven by the moving, healing power of animation…it’s a lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is choosing how we view ourselves and how we let others affect that view. Change starts in our own minds.” Chance Raspberry

“Change starts in our own minds”

Little Billy! Series Pilot!