Tourette Syndrome in the Classroom

Tourette Syndrome: Overview & Strategies

On December 1, 2017, Kathy Giordano, Chair of the Tourette Association Educational Board and Educational Specialist, engaged an audience of middle school educators in Kinston, North Carolina during a Tourette Syndrome education presentation. 

The Contentnea-Savannah School contacted the Tourette Association asking for an in-service for their staff and the entire 8th grade, so they could better understand and help an 8th grade student at the school who has Tourette Syndrome.  The presentation provided the educators with the ability to both recognize and provided support for symptoms of Tourette Syndrome and common related challenges.  

The day concluded with Matt Giordano, accomplished drummer and musician, leading an interactive drumming experience during an assembly of over 100 eighth graders. He discussed some of the challenges of having Tourette Syndrome and also demonstrated the positives with his exceptional drumming.

The 8th grade boy, who had been resistant to discuss his Tourette Syndrome, joined Matt to answer questions from other students and share his experience.  He received a positive and enthusiastic response form his peers.