Up to Me – Teens

UpToMe is an evidence- based program that was originally developed for disclosure about mental health issues and reducing stigma through personal storytelling. The program gives participants an opportunity to go through a decision-making process on self-disclosure and practice in a safe way. The TAA Wisconsin Chapter worked with the Rogers In Health team to develop a teen version. The strongest, current evidence for what works to reduce stigma is for people to tell their story regularly to those in their social network. 

Having direct social contact with people who can talk about their experience with Tourette and the insights they have gained on the path to symptom management has been tremendous in reducing stigma for teens. This can also be a very helpful way to reduce self-stigma. 

The program can be completed in five lessons, with each lesson requiring about 1 hour. In the workbook below, you will find learning points for each lesson, discussion questions, and activities such as worksheets. Materials in this workbook along with the videos can be downloaded for free from the UpToMe tab at WISEwisconsin.org

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