Youth Ambassador Spotlight: Andrew

My name is Andrew Fogarty and I enjoy reading, skateboarding and soccer!

Even with my Tourette and other disorders, I have still had a normal childhood because of my parents’ amazing support. Their unwavering willingness to help me succeed is the reason I am in such great shape to this day.

I remember clearly how my parents were always willing to do whatever it took to find out the reason for why I acted the way I did. We spent years going from doctor to doctor, not knowing what was going on with me. I have also been in weekly therapy since I was 4. Finally, around the age of ten, I was diagnosed with Tourette.

Living where I do, my friends are very supportive of me, even though I used to be embarrassed by my disorder. When I was finally brave enough, I told them that I had Tourette. Not wanting to make them pity me, I immediately backed that up with saying that I am really just the same as any other kid at heart. Remarkably, they still treated me as the same old energetic Andrew that they always knew.
Being able to let out the truth so easily felt like breaking free from a lead weight. I was simply exhilarated

Not long after that life changing experience, this Tourette Association of America came to my school to speak. After listening to their presentation, I had but one thing on my mind, “Where do I sign up?”

I immediately went to one of the presenters to ask about how I could become a youth ambassador like them. Then, about two months ago, I was accepted into the organization as a youth ambassador.

My motive is to help people. This is my best opportunity to do so.