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10 Secrets To A Happier Life

Book on secrets to a better life with Tourette syndrome planned release March 1, 2017 on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

cover-sample-for-taaThis book brings together 10 clinical and research experts in Tourette syndrome who are drawn from the Tourette Association of America Center of Excellence program. The goal was to assemble 10 secrets to help people on their journey to a happier life with Tourette syndrome. The book is organized into a simple and easy to digest question and answer format. The book is a great read, but also an easy reference guide. The chapters are brimming with up to date and in many cases cutting edge strategies and knowledge about Tourette syndrome.

“This book offers individuals with Tourette and their families many secrets that can lead them to a better life. There are new and exciting approaches to the development of treatments for individuals with TS and other tic disorders that promise improvements in care.”

– Kevin McNaught, PhD., former Executive Vice President Research and Medical Programs, Tourette Association of America

“Behavior therapy changes the brain as the brain learns that tics do not result in anything useful for the person. This is an important secret for patients and families.”

– Doug Woods, PhD., Professor and Dean of the Graduate School at Marquette University and Co-Chair of the Tourette Association of America Medical Advisory Committee

“Ongoing trials of several new tic drugs give us optimism that the future may be even brighter with regard to management options. Knowing when to hold off and when to pull the trigger on medication therapy in Tourette is an important secret.”

– Irene Malaty, M.D., Associate Professor, University of Florida and Chief of the Southeast Regional Center of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome

“Our core philosophical belief is in patient centric care. The Tourette patient (and not the doctor) is the sun and our interdisciplinary services should orbit around them.”

– Michael S. Okun, M.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology, University of Florida and Co-Chair of the Tourette Association of America Medical Advisory Committee