Day: September 27, 2019

Boy Reading
15 days of school. 4 telephone meetings. Daily behavior report cards and multiple emails. He’s six years old. He hates himself because he “can’t be good”. My fun loving, intelligent, intuitive son has had maybe three full “good” days of school. I believe there are certain parents who have pulled away from us because he is a “bad” kid and they do not want their children influenced. We have had BIP’s, IEP’s, a 1:1 and yet still school sees a different version of the child I see. I’ve been asked questions like, “Has anyone said he has ADHD or mentioned ODD to you?” The answer is no. The answer is I wish I had an answer.
September TouretteConnect web header
The month of September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I am grateful for the continued public awareness and open discussions about this very serious topic. In a recent Impact Survey led by the TAA, an alarming 51% of adults and 32% of parents of children with TS reported to have considered suicide or participated in self-harming behaviors. In light of this, there are a number of helpful organizations (AFSP, NIMH, NAMI) and resources to support you and your loved ones, including Chapters and Support Groups across the country. Please know that if you need help, there is always someone to call. A Support Group Leader from the TAA Florida Chapter shared a personal story about how suicidal thoughts impacted her family that really hit home for me.