Amy’s Story

“My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at 5 years old. What started off as just facial tics, with a few motor tics in her arms, have seemed to have gotten a little more complex over the years. She has strong facial tics and is more vocal, clearing her throat and having more large motor tics in her arms and upper body.

I am so thankful that she has always had awesome friends that do not treat her any different. She has always amazed that she has never let Tourette define her and bring her down. She used to dance, including ballet, lyrical, and jazz. She blew us all away with how good she was!

Now she has her license and she is working, along-side of getting straight A’s in high school. This year, she wants to start a program at a local zoo to get her foot in the Veterinary world.

She has and is teaching me so much on the strength needed to get through life.

May God bless you, my sweet girl!” – Amy