back to school post pandemic

Back to School Time: Post-Quarantine Edition

Across much of the United States, back-to-school time has come in the Spring instead of the Fall. Whether your children have been entirely at home or doing some form of hybrid education, many students are heading back to school full time. Transitions can be difficult for those with Tourette Syndrome, and this transition, in particular, presents some additional challenges.

Amanda Coffman, MSEd, Special Education Teacher and Co-Chair of the Education Advisory Board, discusses how to make heading back to school as successful as possible!

1) Reflect don’t project. Help your child to reflect on feelings about returning to school, don’t project your feelings upon your child.
2) Establish new routines. After months of the short commute from bed to the computer, you are now going to have to prepare to leave the house. This may take some practice!
3) Anticipate the unexpected. School will look different than it did a year ago, and that it makes it hard to predict the challenges that may arise.
4) Don’t forget what worked before. Many accommodations may not have been necessary for at-home learning, but make sure they are in place when your child returns to school.

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