How to Build Wealth for the Future

Join the TAA Young Professionals Group on Tuesday, April 6 at 12pm EST for a free discussion and Q&A session with Financial Advisor, Benjamin Stark, who has Tourette Syndrome. Topics of this session will include but are not limited to budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and other long-term financial goals. 

“By tuning into the webinar, you will gain valuable information on how you can start setting yourself up for success today. You have a significant advantage to start sooner because of your age as well. Building a financial plan is a lot like cooking a pot of chili. Chili is always better the next day and that’s because the extra time has allowed all the flavors to come together. A financial plan works in a similar manner, as long as the right “ingredients” are put into the pot then someone should expect to have a more enjoyable retirement, more flexibility to travel, purchase the home of their dreams, etc. Those with Tourette also have their future medical situation to consider. How will their symptoms evolve and change over time and what might the cost of treatment look like when they get older? This part is often overlooked, but my own personal lifetime treatment is an out of pocket expense of over $100k.” – Benjamin Stark

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  • Understanding how to invest using modern day platforms
  • How to plan for a mortgage
  • Understanding savings and retirement

About Benjamin Stark

Benjamin was born and raised in Morristown, NJ and has since moved to West Milford, NJ. He bought his first home in December 2017 with his wife, Nicole. Benjamin and Nicole have since adopted their first rescue dog, Tesla. As a huge fan of NJ diners and local NJ pizza, he plans on continue to build his life in this state for a long time. Benjamin is an active volunteer and board member with the Middlesex County Family Support Organization, which provides advocacy and support for local families in need. He also chairs the volunteering initiatives for the Young Professionals Committee at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce. Benjamin is an avid believer in supporting his local community and especially his local businesses.

Benjamin specializes in working with young professionals, families, and business owners, being that he is one himself. Young professionals today face different obstacles than our previous generations. Between mounting student loan debt, evaporating pensions, advanced technology, and much more, planning and securing a financial future has never been more important. We all come from different backgrounds and we all need to plan accordingly as our landscape has changed and will continue to do so for years to come. Benjamin takes a significant amount of pride by helping his clients prepare and protect their futures by ensuring they take the right steps today for tomorrow’s life’s unknowns. Using a holistic and comprehensive approach, he has helped his clients work towards and achieve their goals.

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