Busting Back-to-School Stress

Pencils, backpacks, erasers and calculators fill the aisles of just about every store these days. There’s no mistaking that it’s “back to school” time! Going back to school can both be a blessing and a challenge for kids with TS and co-occurring conditions. The predictability of school routines often can be helpful, but the long hours, homework and social situations can also cause stress.

The Tourette Association of America understands, and we’re offering many resources to help parents and children succeed this fall. This August, our Tourette Health and Education team has planned a number of workshops, webinars and Twitter chats that address some of the most pressing back-to-school issues. On August 6, guest speaker Marge Henning offered a presentation at our TAA Center of Excellence at UCLA on IEPs, 504s and Accommodations, helping parents understand how they can best help their children succeed in school. Our August 9th, our Twitter Chat addressed classroom strategies.

Up ahead, you can participate in the following workshops and webinars related to back-to-school issues.

All these programs are free thanks to funding from the CDC.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just young children that struggle with the stress of going back to school. College students with Tourette Syndrome also need support. That’s why we’ve created a page on our website with several resources to help college students succeed in their higher education. Click here to explore our resources for college students.