What are some common supports provided by a 504 Plan?

Q. We are having a 504 meeting for my child. What are some common supports provided by a 504 Plan?

by Kathy Giordano, TAA Education Specialist

504 plans provide the necessary services, accommodations, and modifications for students with disabilities to guarantee equal access to free and appropriate education from schools. It’s important to recognize that because every child is different, each modifications/accommodations will not always be appropriate for all students with TS. Click here to read the 504 Plan Eligibility Fact Sheet.

  • For instance, ‘testing in a separate location’ is helpful for the majority of students because it provides an environment in which a student can focus on the quiz/test instead of on suppressing disruptive symptoms. However, it also is not unusual for students to resist a separate location and prefers to remain in the classroom.

Below are some common additions to 504 Plans:

  • Access to word processor. Dysgraphia (handwriting difficulties) are extremely common for students with TS.
  • Notes provided
  • Extended time. Distractions caused by tics, obsessive/compulsive issues, sensory issues, attention deficit, processing speed delays, etc. may require additional time.
  • Testing in a separate location.
  • Reduced homework, when possible.
  • Reduced length of written assignments.
  • Sensory supports recommended by occupational therapist.
  • Encourage participation in social Groups. Support groups can help social communication deficits, which are common for students with TS, as compared to social skills deficits, which is more common in students with Autism.
  • Keep an extra set of books at home.
  • Awareness training for entire school staff with a focus on specific symptoms and strategies for each student with TS.
  • Awareness for Classmates can assist with anti-bullying.
  • Permission to leave class briefly to reduce anxiety.
  • Plan to meet with a specific ‘safe’ person as needed or scheduled.
  • Opportunities for movement.

Additional 504 Plan Resources:
1. Resources to assist in obtaining 504 Plans
2. Protecting Students with Disabilities: Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 and the Education of Children with Disabilities https://home/
3. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has determined that school officials would benefit from additional guidance concerning the effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (Amendments to Section 504 ) on public elementary and secondary programs and 504 Plans.