The Role of Congress

How does Congress Serve constituents in the District/State?

Members of Congress provide direct services better known as, “Constituent Services.”
Every House Representative and Senators have employees who do constituent service; helping people with unresolved problems that may involve a federal agency. These district/state staff members often refer to their efforts on your behalf as casework and treat it as a social worker would; keeping files on each person who seeks help. Many offices have casework specialists who work in one or two areas and have longstanding relationships with officials at federal agencies. Most often, these problems include; sorting out Social Security issues, federal disability filings, Internal Revenue Service issues, veterans’ benefits, mortgage issues and even, immigration requests.

Who should file for casework or seek constituent services;

anyone who has a question regarding federal resources or need federal assistance immediately should contact their Members of Congress locally in the district and state office to get answers more quickly.