Ensuring Access to Treatment – Drug Pricing

You likely have heard about the President’s Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out of Pocket Costs in the news.  The President requested comments on a broad range of potential changes to increase competition and reduce drug prices.  One thing is clear, how drug prices are created is not simple or very transparent and will depend on many factors, including your prescription benefit manager (PBM).  This complex system has been built over time and many parts of the system are interwoven and impact each other directly or indirectly.  As such, it is extremely important that any actions taken to improve the system are fully understood and that all impacts, direct and indirect, are fully assessed before enacting change.  TAA submitted comments to the Administration requesting that patient needs should be a top priority and have requested that any further action follows the official rule-making process which would allow further comments during the process.  TAA will continue to work with the National Health Council and other like-minded patient groups to ensure our voices are heard as the process moves forward.


TAA Comments HHS Blueprint to Lower Drug Prices and Reduce Out of Pocket Costs


Meeting your Representative and Senators in their State/District


Are you interested in meeting with your Representative and Senators in their district/state offices while they are home for recess during August or before the election?  While TAA staff educates Members of Congress and Senators and their staff in DC, meetings in the district/state with their constituents are important for many reasons.  These reasons include:


  • Building a local relationship.
  • Ensures that district/state staff know about Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders and the public policy priorities of our community.
  • Reminds the Member of Congress/Senators that their constituents have Tourette Syndrome and need their support.
  • FY19 appropriations have not yet been signed into law so meeting with them to request support is timely.


If you are interested in meeting with your Member of Congress or Senator, please contact your state chapter or support group leader.  If you do not have a state chapter leader or support group or do not know who to contact, email Joe Grappone at [email protected].  If you do meet with your Member of Congress, Senators or their staff at any point, please contact Joe Grappone [email protected] and Diana Felner [email protected] so TAA can follow-up with their office.