Expanding Telehealth Coverage after the Pandemic

While telehealth has been a public policy priority of the TAA for several years, during the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a drastic increase in the utilization of telehealth across the nation, proving its value. Presently, more patient and provider groups have added telehealth as a policy priority.

However, once the public health emergency designation from COVID-19 expires, telehealth reimbursement could revert to its previous lower amounts if changes are not made. The TAA is working with other patient groups and coalitions to help promote the continued and expanded reimbursement of telehealth services beyond the pandemic.

The TAA is a member of both the Health Innovation Alliance and the Patient and Provider Advocates for Telehealth to not only continue coverage after the pandemic but to expand it. Telehealth allows patients to reduce travel time and costs, and it can also increase access to specialists. Additionally, telehealth allows the patient to bring a device to a place where their tics are more prevalent so they can show their doctor their symptoms for assessment. 

One thing that remains important is that both the patient and the provider should have a choice as to whether visits need to be in person or via telehealth. 

How can you help?  If you have utilized telehealth for treatment of your TS and co-occurring conditions, having personal stories and examples to share is very useful for us in our advocacy efforts.  If you are willing to tell your story to help further our advocacy, please click here to share your success story with us.

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