Facebook Live: Social Relationships

Eric McGowan, TAA Southern California Executive Director, and Rhianna Wicken, Rising Leader, discuss navigating social relationships through self-advocacy, patience, and a kind refusal to be defined by your Tourette Syndrome.

Eric McGowan is the Executive Director of the TAA Southern California Chapter and member of the national TAA team and works closely with TAA staff and the SoCal Chapter to increase programming, awareness and fundraising efforts in the southern California region. Prior to joining the TAA as Executive Director, Eric was involved with the SoCal Chapter as a member of the SoCal volunteer Board of Directors.

Diagnosed with TS at an early age, he is driven by his passion to ensure that everyone living with and affected by TS have the support and resources necessary to navigate this often misunderstood and challenging condition.  “I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with and for the Southern California TS community at the local and national level”. He is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago with a BS in Acoustics and received his Masters of Arts in Architecture from the University of Kansas.

Rhianna Wicken is one of the first Youth Ambassador Rising Leaders from the 2019 cohort. She is also a member of the Southern California Chapter, creator of ArtisTIC Expressions, and a Camp George staff member.